Mount Tambora Trekking

captureTrekking Mount Tambora is a once a lifetime experience.

It is an exhausting hike to the summit, but not technically challenging. That means that most people can accomplish this trekking. The path is well maintained and mostly solid and there is no climbing needed. The trail leads mainly trough lush and beautiful rainforest up to Pos 5. After this point you reach the high plateau with its Edelweiss vegetation, where you finally reach the crater rim. Whosoever is not exhausted yet can climb the summit of Mount Tambora.


Tambora National Park stays open the whole year, also during the rainy season. The trail closes only in case of severe thunder & lightning or very strong winds. The latter is often the case during February and March.

Tambora is still very quiet compared to other mountains in Indonesia. The chances are high that you will be the only one on the rim of the caldera.

Route Description MT Tambora Trekking

Day 1: After breakfast in our guesthouse we drive you up the northern slope of Mt.Tambora to register at the National Park office in Pancasila village. From there you continue offroad on the back of motorbike taxis to the hiking portal which is located 4 kilometers higher up the mountain than Pancasila. The route leads through the coffee plantations before you get on the trail of the National Park. On the way to Pos 2 where you get lunch you pass Pos 1 where you can take a rest. Both Pos have fresh water from the nearby river.


Around 3 pm you arrive at Pos 3 where you stay overnight. Your guide and porter will set up the tents and the kitchen for your early dinner before you go to bed.


Day 2: You get up around 2am and have a nutricious meal with coffee or tea before your hike to the summit starts. After 4 hours hiking during the darkness you reach the crater rim at 2’630 m, where you can enjoy the superb sunrise over Mount Tambora’s stunning caldera. If you are fast, you can climb all the way up to the summit on 2’722m. After the peak you return back to Pos 3 where you get lunch, before you start your way down to the Tambora Gemilang Guesthouse in Calabai.


  • additional night: If you want to avoid the very long hike down on day two, taking more time on the rim of the caldera and enjoy the surroundings one more night, it is possible to stay a second night at Pos 3.
  • there are various options to stay overnight on the mountain. Customised treks can be organised.

What to bring

  • good hiking shoes in the wet season and running shoes are sufficient during the dry season
  • torch or better a headlamp
  • warm clothing for the night and the night hike.
  • wind- and rainproof jacket

NOTE: The rest of the equipment like food and beverages, cooking utensils, tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats are carried by the porters. Your luggage can be stored safe at the Tambora Guesthouse during the trekking. Bring only what you need.

Mt Tambora Trekking Facts

  • starting point at hiking portal 690m (2,260ft)
  • crater rim 2,630m (8,630 ft)
  • summit elevation: 2,722 m (8,930 ft)
  • crater diameter bottom: 6 km (3.7 mi)
  • crater diameter top: 8 km ( 5 mi)
  • crater depth: 1,100 m (3,610 ft)

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Prices are in Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR)

Four Days / Three Nights (4D/3N)

Two nights stay at guesthouse – full board and 2 days / 1 night on mountain, all inclusive is

  • Rp 2.7 million per person


Five Days / Four Nights (5D/4N)

Two nights stay at guesthouse – full board and 3 days / 2 nights on mountain, all inclusive is

  • Rp 3.4 million per person



  • Our package-deals are uncomplicated and trouble-free.
  • Prices include; National Park Entrance Fees, Transport from guesthouse to Pancasila Village (car) and motorbike taxi to hiking portal and the same way back , Porters, Camping Equipment, complete meals, water, drinks, snacks etc.
  • Our porters carry all the logistics and can maybe take a few of your items but not a lot. If you have many things you need them to carry for you please request additional porters.
  • Insurance is not included but easy to apply for with WORLD NOMADS Apply here for a hiking insurance


Read about the four-wheel drive ascend/descend on Tambora’s western slope Tambora’s Fast Lane


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