Tambora Gemilang Beach House


The Tambora Gemilang Guesthouse is located in Calabai village, in the northwestern part of the Tambora peninsula. The guesthouse is build over the beach and offers stunning views over the Bay of Saleh and Moyo Island.

C360_2019-09-16-16-36-32-432In August 2019 we moved from the slope of mount Tambora to this building on the coast. The building itself dates from the colonial era and still requires improvements.

Its location and the view make up for the minor flaws and your host and hostess see to it that you will feel at home away from home.


20190903_170952The guesthouse offers basic comfort with a feeling of home. It has 6 large bedrooms for more than 12 people and four shared bathrooms with shower.


20190903_144234After your long journey to the Tambora region you can fully relax in the guesthouse. You can go for a long beachwalk, swim and snorkel whilest Nurul, your hostess, prepares a delicious dinner for you.

20190909_175229You can snorkel in front of the house and a little further is a protected reef with many kind of coral fishes, sea-turtles and seahorses.20190923_215907Your trekking to the summit of Mount Tambora will start after a 30 minutes drive  from the Guesthouse which makes it the ideal base for the night before and after your trekking.

The guesthouse is placed in the midst of the lost kingdom of Tambora, what makes the location and its surroundings very special and the area offers a lot to explore and to do.

Please make reservations prior to your arrival.



For reservation or further information don’t hesitate to contact us:
Nurul & Rik, visittambora@gmail.com,

+62 81 353 370 951, web form