Tambora Guesthouse

The VisitTambora Guesthouse is located on the Tambora coffee plantation compound at the village Oi Bura. Oi Bura is a 15 minute drive from the village Pancasila up the mountain. Your trekking to the summit of Mount Tambora will start right in front of the Guesthouse which makes it the ideal base for the night before and after your trekking.

The guesthouse is placed in the midst of the lost kingdom of Tambora, what makes the location and its surroundings very special and the area offers a lot to explore and to do.

It offers comfort with a feeling of home.  The private house stands in the Bali neighborhood, has two bedrooms with western toilet and shower with hot water, a living room and and a covered terrace in the garden.  Depending on reservations we use this guesthouse mainly for couples and/or one family.


You reach the VisitTambora Guesthouse within a short ride from Pancasila.

Please make reservations prior to your arrival.


  • IDR 300.000 per night per room
  • IDR 50.000 for breakfast per person
  • IDR 50.000 for lunch per person
  • IDR 75.000 for dinner per person
  • (includes coffee/tea/juice/mineral water)

Our groceries come from far away and have to be delivered via off-road conditions.




For reservation or further information don’t hesitate to contact us:
Nurul & Rik, visittambora@gmail.com,

+62 81 353 370 951, web form