Our Hilltop Glamping site

Open in June 2023

The 6 acres (2,5 hectare) property is located in the Tambora coffee plantation and offers a fantastic view on Mount Tambora, the forest, the ocean and Satonda Island. The altitude is about 700 meters above sea level and the temperature is cool even fresh at night.  Nearby is the spot where archaeological excavations were held to uncover remnants of the 1815 eruption. At night you will be amazed by the night sky because there is no light pollution. Almost every morning the sky is blue and clear and you can see Mount Tambora in full view.

We have three Glamping tents for a total of six guests.  On the side of each tent you have your private unit with (camper) toilet and private unit with (cold) shower. For now we can’t provide a hot shower yet, unless we boil a large pot of water for you.  We use solar power for the lighting.

Our property is just 1,5 km away from the hiking portal.

Great for a bonding trip
View over ocean & Satonda Island
Sunset high on the horizon
Star gazing

Location on map :    https://goo.gl/maps/RHbeHi4V4gkgD1fx9


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Whatsapp  +6282145319913

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