About Visit Tambora

VISITTAMBORA is the name that we choose for our website, several years ago, when Mt.Tambora was almost unknown, in order to start promoting the region.

20190125_200421Tambora Gemilang

Is the name of our guesthouse on the beach in the village of Calabai and Tour & Travel company.


is the name of the hiking organization in the village of Calabai and integrated in our guesthouse.  Nurul and Rik provide jobs for the local youth. LAMPA acts as expedition organizer and ensures everything for the trekking. Faisal is the head of the organisation.


Nurul Wahyuti runs the guesthouse and acts as the human relations manager. She was born & raised in Bima city and has her degree in Human Resources. Her main interests are guest relations and the wellbeing of the people around her. She supports the people in the village in order to raise their living standards because jobs are scarce in the region.

Nurul with her guests

Rik Stoetman is a permanent resident of Indonesia and Nurul’s husband. He has lived in Indonesia for more than 30 years and was always involved with handicraft development for export and therefor hands on in community support. He sees Tambora in one way as Bali was a long time ago and wants to be part of yet another development in a positive way. Since 2006 he took part in the research into ‘The Long Lost Kingdom of Tambora’ and can tell visitors all about Tambora’s history. Rik helps Nurul with guest relations, communications and logistics.


This is Jess, Nurul & Rik their son.


Manuel Marty
Manuel Marty and his wife

Manuel Marty 

supports Visit Tambora as Web Designer and Photographer. Impressed by his own experience on the mighty Mount Tambora and with the local people he aims to bring in his knowledge.