About us

Mrs. Nurul Wahyuti, directress of the company Luxury Jaya Gemilang, delegates the Tambora operations to a local organization from the village of Oi Bura called Kelompok Sadar Wisata (Pokdarwis), or in English Tourism Awareness Group and consists of 16 members. The name of the group is Tambora Jaya Gemilang
Nurul is from Bima city on Sumbawa Island where, in 2015, she got her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources. Her passion in life is to assist others with their economical growth by providing the means to them.  She catered for many guests who came to hike Mount Tambora during the six years she lived there.  Due to the pandemic she moved back to her hometown and recently opened a Skincare Clinic. She has a six year old son named Jess.
Nurul is married to Rik Stoetman, from The Netherlands,  who has lived in Indonesia for many years. He first came to Mt. Tambora in 2007 and participated in the archaeological studies of ‘The Long Lost Kingdom of Tambora’.  
Rik, with all his knowledge of the Tambora area and his travel experiences in the region, is able to answer all your questions, by email or whatsapp, long before you even arrive. 

Nurul, Rik and Jess now live in Bima city.  Since they left Tambora, due to the pandemic, the local people missed out of opportunities and therefor Nurul and Rik decided to invest in the Glamping Site. Not only the guides, porters, small shops, motorbike taxis, airport taxis, National Park admissions but also the local government have asked Nurul and Rik to reinvest in the area.   Setting up a whole new site will come with new challenges but their five-star track record will soon make it a wonderful place for the guests.

Allow us to introduce to you Putu Edi & Gek July.

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They will be your hosts while visiting Tambora. Originally from Bali, they moved to Tambora about ten years ago. They live nearby the Glamping Site in a small village with around 30 Balinese families and close to an important Hindu Temple.  Their English is not very good, so please have patience regarding it. Thank you.  Both Putu and Gek are thrilled with the opportunity of having you as their guests. Gek is a great cook and Putu is fantastic with all the logistics, so you will be well catered for. 




Putu is chairman of the local organization Tambora Jaya Gemilang