Tambora’s fast lane

We can now offer you to ascend & descend mount Tambora by fourwheel drive Toyota Hardtop jeep via the southern slope of Mt.Tambora. This way you will only walk the last hour to the rim of the caldera

This means that, for example;

Day 1 You fly from Bali and land on Bima airport at 10a.m, then 3 hrs with our car to our new guesthouse on the beach where we have lunch and get into our jeep. Around sunset time we reach the caldera rim where we camp

Day 2 That morning we will enjoy an astonishing view on the caldera with the sun behind us. We ascend back to our guesthouse and you can be back at Bima airport for a late afternoon flight.

Others that have more time can stay at our guesthouse.

Contact us to arrange a custom tailored journey to Tambora for you THE FASTER WAY.